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Cory's Forbes Interview

Cory's Forbes Interview

| November 02, 2015



Did you catch my recent Forbes interview with Elaine Pofeldt?


She covers the growing wave of solo entrepreneurs who are breaking the one million in sales mark after ditching the corporate cubicle.


If not, here is the link:


This Entrepreneur Built A Million-Dollar Business On Small Investments In Local Real Estate


While the interview mainly focuses on rental real estate, it offers some insights into the power of mapping out your goals along with some tips for business owners looking to close the retirement gap.  


Over the years, I have encountered very few advisors recommending residential or commercial income properties to their clients outside of real estate stocks (REITS) or non-listed REITS.  


Yet, cash flowing income properties may offer a hedge against the inevitable swings in the stock market.  Frankly, it helped my financial advisory practice weather three epic financial storms in less than nine years-Dotcom Crash, Housing Crash, Lehman/Bear Stearns Crash to name a few.


Furthermore, cash flowing income properties coupled with a globally diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds may be a strategy that can help you pursue your retirement goals.


If you are looking for some advice on how to potentially enhance your wealth through income producing real estate, let me know. 


Over the last decade, I have offered guidance to numerous clients about rental properties to help determine if this would be a suitable investment."



Disclaimer:  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.Specific-sector investing such as real estate can be subject to different and greater risks than more diversified investments. Declines in the value of real estate, economic conditions, property taxes, tax laws, and interest rates all present potential risks to real estate investments. Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protection from losses in a declining market.