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Providing you with Clarity, Confidence and Control over the investment process.


Prior to forming Structured Wealth Advisors, our founder, Cory P. Binsfield- Accredited Asset Management Specialist and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, spent over a decade in the investment industry witnessing first hand, the failure of numerous investment methods that attempt to package luck as skill[i](trading, timing and security selection) at the expense of shareholders.

“Worse, this relentless pursuit of above-market returns by active money managers ended with investors transferring about $80 billion from their own wallets to the purveyors of actively managed products and market makers in 2006 according to an academic study by Kenneth R French, of Dartmouth College[ii].”

After becoming annoyed with many of the active money managers and brokerage firms during the burst of the Dot-Com Bubble; followed by the mutual fund market timing, late trading and revenue sharing scandals from 2002 to 2006 that resulted in 3.7 billion[iii] dollars in fines and fee reductions (the participants settled without admitting or denying any wrongdoing), he embarked on a journey to find a better way.

Fortunately, through a series of trials and errors that culminated in an invitation to attend an investment seminar in Cincinnati with one of the top independent advisors in the country, he discovered a new model of investing that was gaining momentum through an elite cadre of independent investment advisors across the globe.

This new model was based not on speculation, but on the science of capital markets[iv]. Backed by over fifty years of financial science coupled with three distinct Nobel Prize winning theories (Harry Markowitz,-1990, William Sharpe-1990 and Merton Miller-1964) the Structured Wealth philosophy represents a new investment paradigm.

By working with the market, rather than against the market, Structured Wealth Advisors seeks to capture what the capital markets have to offer through state of the art portfolio design and trading via our strategic partnerships with a select group of financial firms that manage billions of dollars for investors that are seeking a better way to invest.

Structured Wealth Advisors mission is to provide you clarity, confidence and control over the investment process by employing an asset class methodology that was once only available to institutions, pensions and endowments with $20 million or more to invest.

By incorporating the Structured Investing philosophy along with an emphasis on wealth management, we seek to make a meaningful impact in your financial life.

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